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Nightmare on Datura St

Ivan the Butcher is back, mad and on a killing spree. Rumor has it , if you are able to find his mask, you will stop the murders. You have been selected to help the detective work your way through Ivan’s crazy world to find Ivan’s concealment or you may be his next victim. Will you be able to save yourself- save your town?

One, two Ivan’s coming for you…

*You have one hour to find the mask and safe yourself. Ivan is always 15mins behind you, you will have to work fast.

**May be jump scares, dark rooms and crawling required. Extreme content, not recommended for those with heart conditions or pregnant.

The Apartment

Poor uncle Teddy has passed away and left his fortune behind. Can you get the inheritance and escape before the rest of the family arrives? Use the clues within the room to escape while racing against the clock. Take the challenge!

Apartments A and B are identical for larger groups or teams wanting to go at the same time. These rooms accommodate up to 6 people each.

You have 60 minutes to use logic and clues in the room to Xscape.

Helter Skelter

In recent months, a mysterious serial killer who identifies himself as ‘The Revolutionary’ committed four ghastly murders around the United States. Today, more victims have been captured, and are currently being held in a closet in his makeshift lair. Luckily, the victims are easy to locate thanks to cell phone GPS technology, and a group of brave individuals has arrived at the lair to attempt a rescue. Always one step ahead, The Revolutionary set a trap just inside his front door, and now the rescuers are also trapped in a closet in the lair. In 60 minutes, The Revolutionary will return to commit his fifth gruesome crime, unless the victims and rescuers can escape the serial killer’s lair.

This room accommodates up to 8 people. You can book the first 4 online and pay for each additional upon arrival.

Pirates Booty

Sitting at breakfast this morning you over heard a table of Pirates discussing their next expedition on the Treasure Coast. You and your friends are familiar with the area and have heard the stories about the recent ship that has surfaced with an elusive treasure on board. Feeling adventurous, your team hurries out with hopes of finding the treasure before anyone else. Not knowing the pirates have set a trap, you enter the ship and become locked in the chamber. The Pirates said they would be back in one hour. You have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles, find the treasure and escape or you may be forced to walk the plank…

Sunday Morning

You are on vacation with your family and decide to go on a segway tour around the city. You come across an abandoned building. Do you dare to go inside?